Options for 

Adults with Special Needs



Unfortunately, child study teams aren't supported to guide families and individuals towards adult services. The only option they're offered is DVRS which may be suitable for some but not all. Many graduate from high school having little understanding of their options, let alone the support to locate resources. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a little planning and prep work, special needs adults can smoothly transition from school into adult services.

Don't be intimidated by the application process, let SPWA assist you. We're prepared to guide you toward what's needed in order to become eligible for Medicaid waiver services into adulthood. With a little patience, planning and the right guides, you'll be ready to begin charting the future for your loved one.

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While they're still in school accessing their educational entitlement, our intellectually & developmentally disabled (IDD) loved one has full support. Occupational, speech, & verbal therapists, along with teachers, social workers, etc. Life is good. But what happens after graduation? What types of support is there into adulthood? Are there options for adults with IDD?